About Us



SEEGAPAK Engineering Services was formed by like minded engineers with the right attitude and ethos to provide our clients with the highest level of engineering service.

SEEGAPAK Engineering Services design solutions are fully engineered and aim to deliver peace of mind because we do what we say and always exceed our clients expectations.

So why are we so different from other engineering consultancies?

  • We have talented engineers
  • Deliver a fully integrated facility mechanical, electrical and process and utility equipment
  • Quality, speed, cost effectiveness and “agility in design”
  • A highly commercial approach to asset maximization
  • Deliver innovative design solutions
  • Latest software packages used across design solutions
  • Energy efficient design methodologies utilized from day one

How We're different

SEEGAPAK Engineers and Project Managers

The process of delivering a project is a complex task with numerous steps and challenges to deliver. SEEGAPAK has the design engineers with expertise and experience to be able to deliver on the thousands of decisions needed to be able to deliver a success project from conception to handover.

Define the Project scope – Front End Study

SEEGAPAK listens to our clients and develops a detailed basis of design, with a clear defined scope and detailed cost estimate.

Design Strategy

SEEGAPAK understands that each project requires the input of a number of disciplines to deliver a detailed engineering solution.

Our commitment is to provide our clients with a engineering design that meets and exceeds there expectation.

Design Expertise

SEEGAPAK engineers are very experienced in the delivery of complex projects, we harness the latest technologies and are focused on delivering an excellent design through smart engineering processes.

Projects led by Senior Project Manager

SEEGAPAK policy is that a senior project manager is assigned to each project and a project sponsor

We will be with you on the project journey right thru to completion

“The last 10% of a project is the hardest to complete”.

SEEGAPAK partners with our clients to ensure that the completed project is fully certified, commissioned and fully operational.