Project Description:

Located at east coast of Saudi Arabia, the plant was completed in 2020. It produced 210,000m³ of drinking water per day. Serving a population equivalent of 350,000 & turns out to be one of the largest in Saudi Arabia. The plant also supplies water to Aramco (the world’s largest Oil company).

Equipped with Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) technology, the palnt is part of SWCC’s key Project against the initiative to modernise the water sector. Acciona served as the engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) contractor & expects to complete the project.

Saudi Arabia has a population of 33.4 million people & is the world’s third-largest per capita consumer of water, behind the United States & Canada. As part of its Vision 2030 programme, the Kingdom has introduced measures to rationalise water consumption, intending to achieve 24% reduction in consumption by 2021, & 43% by the end of this decade.

Project Location:

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Project EPC Contractor:


Seegapak's Scope of Work:

  • Complete HVAC Designed for 10 Buildings

  • HVAC detailed Engineering Calculations

  • HVAC detailed Engineering Drawings

  • Supplier / Material Evaluation

  • HVAC Operational Philosophy & BMS


RO Building:
               RO Building is provided with a Cooling System to limit the temperature to 40°C at maximum in order to protect RO Membrane Trains with an over-pressurization to prevent dust at egress. Dedicated PACU’s are provided to achieve purpose.

Administrative & Security Buildings:

            These buildings fall in general commercial building criteria. System is provided such that it provides complete cooling solution utilizing minimum energy footprint. Dedicated PACU’s are provided with VAV system for the purpose.   

Electrical Buildings:
                         Electrical Buildings are provided with Cooling System to remove excessive heat due from VFD & other panels & achieve a temperature not more than 27°C & slight over-pressurization. Dedicated PACU’s are provided for each building to achieve purpose.

Pump Buildings & Auxiliary:

                  The building does mot require a lower temperature limitation. Therefore, a steady temperature of not more than 5°C above ambient is designed for these buildings. Ventilation is achieve with a combination of Supply & Exhaust Fans.